Customer Satisfaction Is The Bedrock of Our Business

Every new roof installation or repair is unique starting with the reasons for having it done.  

Matthews Roofing Services are thorough and detailed when carrying out our services.

Customer satisfaction is the bedrock of our business. We will be completely honest with you about the condition of your roof and the repairs required in a way that suits your budget.

Roof replacements and repairs at the right time are crucial. When you wait too long the problems can accumalate and the cost is far more likely to increase. 

Our FREE roof inspection is geared towards determining exactly what your roof needs whether it is a simple repair 

or a complete new roof. 

As a local operating business we value our place in the local community and surrounding areas which means we will never try to up-sell you on services you do not need. 

Call us TODAY for your FREE Roof Inspection to eliminate any problems that could be affecting your roof.


Why Do I Need A New Roof ?

Professional & Reliable

Sometimes the need for a new roof is crystal clear to the naked eye. Sometimes the reasons are harder to spot with small continuous leaks which can take weeks, months even years to reveal themselves. 

No matter the reason to install a new roof it is always a big decision. 

Roof replacements represent a major investment for home owners and significantly impacts the appearance, home value and overall function of your house.

Some home owners replace existing roofs to boost appeal or the house resale value. Your roof maybe a few years shy of its expected life span but it can be replaced with a new upgraded roof in
preparation for going back on the market. 
A new roof installation can brighten and update an old house and has the added advantage of attracting more prospective home buyers since the new owners will not need to consider a roof replacement or common roofing issues for a long while. 

All re-roofs carried out by Matthews Roofing Services come with a 15 Year Guarantee which can be passed on to the new owner. 

Matthews Roofing Services recommends that you get a FREE roofing inspection to check for any potential damage. This is the first step in determining whether you need a roof repair or a roof replacement.

Give us a call Today to arrange a FREE roof inspection to eliminate any problems that could be affecting your roof.